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Hello Lori j: I know how you feel. On my good days when the pain is bearable I am so happy; then along comes a couple bad days and by the end of the day I'm in tears. I just try to remind myself that it will get better again. I live in Florida so we have a lot of changable weather. Every time a new front comes through I go through bad pain, burning pain in my butt and down my leg. On those days even the Lortabs dont do much. I just try to grit my teeth and get through it somehow. It helps me to go on this website and know that there are others who understand my pain. I find it hard not to get down. It seems the pain and the lowered feelings go hand in hand. Toelle
Microdisectomy on L 3; on 3/2/04 and failed electronic stimulator on 2/12/04. Hang in there and know that we all understand your pain.

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