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Hello all,

I have a couple question that I hope someone might be able to help me with.

How do/can you tell if the pain in your Lumbar is muscle pain, not spasms or disc pain?
My Lumbar is always achy and uncomfortable 24/7, never no relief for 9 months now, somedays tho the pain feels like it is bone pain like my whole lower spine is aching and throbbing, somedays it is just a achy, uncomfortableness with presser, I have hot, tingling into my left butt and a different hot pain in my right butt. I have L3/4, L5-S1 herniations, L4/L5 bulging all with encoachment on the thecal sac and lateral recesses, I also have L5-S1 impingment, all comfirmed per MRI & EMG. I haven't had a disogram yet due to Insurance company putting a hold on all care pending a IME, which was done last Monday but no report yet from the dr.
I'm wondering if the pain I feel is from not using the muscles or is what I am feeling the "bad disc", if it is muscle related how can I or what exersixes can I do to help regain my muscle strength. I can't walk for more then 5 minutes without my feet or legs going numb and tingling, so I no I can't walk or do a treadmill and elliptical!
Thanks for you help!
Thank you everyone for your input, I will wait to see my dr and ask about the exercises. I just scheduled a disogram for March 21st, so I guess I will know for sure then what is going on in my back. Hopefully, this disogram won't get cancelled as well, problems with Car Insurance denying procedures, saying I don't need them when all my drs. Neurosurgeon, PM, PCP and Neuroligist all agree that my care is at a stale mate until I can get the Disogram, so it's meds until then, but I hate meds cause they make me so sick & drugged and don't take the pain away. UGH What a nightmare!
Thanks again all you help! It is great to know there is a place I can come to get advise and help from others in the same boat as me.
Take care,
Well the disogram just got cancelled, the reason was that my health insurance will authorize the disogram but not surgery so they said there is no point in getting the disogram because they wouldn't be able to do surgery. I can't beleive this, I mean I'm just suppose to live like this the rest of my life? All my injuries were due to being rear ended and I've been having one problem after another with my car insurance and pre-certs, they just flat out refuse to allow treatment for me, all my injuries are clinically documented and all my drs Neurosurgoen, PM, PCP and Neuroligist agree that my next step is disogram, because Neurosurgeon said if she scraps off the herniation at L5-S1 that could help my leg and feet pain but not my back pain. I just can't believe this, I just want to be pain free and normal. Sorry for the vent!

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