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Lump on spine
Feb 17, 2005
Hi, I've posted on here before, but not since my surgery (Idon't think so anyway) I had a spinal fushion and decompression done at the L-5, S1 area. The surgery too 7 1/2 hours, due to there being a lot of debris covering the nerves, they had to all be cleaned up. I started physical therapy last week, and they started me out slow, but after the session I had Tuesday, I now have a lump on my spine. Could it be overstretched muscles? Should I call my doctor to tell him about this? I have severe foot pain now (which was already there when I started p.t.), which I didn't have before the surgery. It started as leg pain, which eventually went away, but it seems to have settled in my foot. Doc said it could be because the nerves are irritated, and "hopefully" that's all it is. That didn't give me much hope. Vicodin just barely takes the edge off. He has me on Neurontin and Amitripyline besides the Vicodin. At least I can get some sleep with the Amitripyline. I'm getting discouraged. Anyone else have this type of problem? Did it heal itself after awhile? Jean
Re: Lump on spine
Feb 18, 2005
I would let the doctor know about the lump just to be sure. I developed alot of foot pain after a micro-d about 6 months ago. Neurontin and amitryptiline were life savers for me. I am still on the Neurontin but I have been able to reduce my dose a little. Good luck!

Re: Lump on spine
Feb 18, 2005
Thank you all for your replies. I called my doctor three times today, he was not in, nor was his secretary. I left messages twice. My surgery was October 19th, and I wore a brace for 3 months after. I just started physical therapy last week, it's possible they overstretched me Tuesday, when she tried a new stretch. I told the therapist Thursday that I was in a lot of pain, so she took it easy on me. She said maybe they were moving too fast for me. I didn't discover the lump until that evening. Hubby thinks it's an over stretched muscle, and it seems to slowly be going down. I have been lying on a heating pad for long periods of time during the afternoon/evening hours. Very painful to drive, and it wasn't painful to do so right after the brace came off. The lump is directly above my incision line. And, I have to constantly shift my foot into other positions, to find one that is not painful.

I hope the neurontin kicks in soon, I've read on here that it can take a few weeks for it to take effect. Even worse, I have a friend who had this surgery done, and he still has "needles and pins" in his foot, after several years. I sure didn't want to hear that.

Thanks again, Jean

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