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Re: Lump on spine
Feb 18, 2005
Thank you all for your replies. I called my doctor three times today, he was not in, nor was his secretary. I left messages twice. My surgery was October 19th, and I wore a brace for 3 months after. I just started physical therapy last week, it's possible they overstretched me Tuesday, when she tried a new stretch. I told the therapist Thursday that I was in a lot of pain, so she took it easy on me. She said maybe they were moving too fast for me. I didn't discover the lump until that evening. Hubby thinks it's an over stretched muscle, and it seems to slowly be going down. I have been lying on a heating pad for long periods of time during the afternoon/evening hours. Very painful to drive, and it wasn't painful to do so right after the brace came off. The lump is directly above my incision line. And, I have to constantly shift my foot into other positions, to find one that is not painful.

I hope the neurontin kicks in soon, I've read on here that it can take a few weeks for it to take effect. Even worse, I have a friend who had this surgery done, and he still has "needles and pins" in his foot, after several years. I sure didn't want to hear that.

Thanks again, Jean

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