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I don't think that's it's a real good idea to hang out on the couch because you want to have your muscles in your legs strong as well as in your back. I try to keep moving because if I stop that might be the end of my physical abilities. It is a scarey thought that more injury could occur or the heating process undue itself. As far as the numbness. I think sciatica can cause shooting pains but I'm not sure about nunbness. I think that numbness in the thigh can be caused from disc tears/degeneration. If I lay on my side long enough like at night in bed my thighs get numb, it's scarey. But mine is definitely in my feet middle toe, big toe and both feet, plus the heel and side of the foot. I can't remember how long ago your IDET was but my surgeon said that improvement can still be expected up to 6-7 months after the procedure and not to give up.

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