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Re: Question?
Feb 23, 2005

Perhaps your doctor is referring to what my doctor told me when I transferred to him from my previous ortho surgeon. Essentially it was that when you have a nerve being damaged or sustaining the pressure from a herniated/ruptured/buldging disc, if the problem is repaired within 6 month, you have basically nearly a 100% chance of getting all the feeling back, loosing the numb or tingling feeling. From 6-9 months you have about a 75 percent chance, and then at a year of so, about 50 percent chance, as the longer the wait more of the damage becomes permanent.

Understand about the catastophic levels on insurance, as mine is higher and yet I hit it by July or so every year. Thank goodness though it doesn't come all at once, and I can draw a breath of relief by the knowledge I won't be paying another penny until Jan 1 when the new year begins.

Hope you can get this taken care of soon and I hope you can experience a full recovery.


Hi Q!

Thanks for your reply. That is what I kind of suspected. That if I cannot raise my leg without pulling it up myself, and trying to push against my rheumies hand with my ankle bent kinda gave me the impression that some nerve damage was involve. I think this all started about 8 or so months ago. Not sure, you know how it is with back problems, you are just thankful to be walking, even with the help of a cane, a little tingling in your shin or not being able to raise your leg is barely noticeable until you need to raise you leg! LOL I didn't really notice it until I had to take a long drive to be with my mother when she was dying from cancer. I had to drive as I was bringing some of her stuff back with me, and I noticed that I was having a little trouble transfering my foot from the gas to the brake and the pain was in my shin as well as my butt! LOL My back pain seems to be more severe on one side than the other. Like I can life my left leg higher than I can the right.

I am nervous about having back surgery cuz I have heard so many different out comes and I've been this way since the summer of 2002, actually that is when I started feeling the back pain constantly, I had had little episodes off and on years before. You know, open a window wrong, then you can't put on your pants! LOL

And the insurance, ugh! I know my cap is $2500, but what about PT after the surgery. I don't have any idea how that is covered. Is that incluede in my cap? Probably not. I have awful insurance. No office visit copays like straight $15 or $20 bucks, mine is based on my $250 decductible. Once met, then it's either 20% or 50% depending on the doc that I see. This is a good one. I found out today that when I go see my therapist (for my mind :dizzy: ) after I met my deductible, it's %50 of whatever her contractual office visit cost is, BUT if I am an INPATIENT I only have to pay %20! LOL I should commit myself to get a better rate!

Anyhoo, thanks for your info. Any suggestions as to what I should expect for surgery? What kind of surgery do you think I'll end up having? Any hardware involved? And what kind of pain do you think I'll be in? Will I always be in some sort of pain? I have FM, so I know I'll always have pain, but I am looking forward to being able to FINALLY exercise so that my FM pain can at least become somewhat controlable. Having back injuries really suck! I think child birth was easier! LOL

I am up for my second disability hearing and I'm afraid to have the surgery before the hearing incase it fixes me %100! LOL But there is always the FM, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (they also want me to have surgery on my hands), Chostocondritis, Bursitis in my right hip and the cervical stuff that's going on, that I can use! :)

It will be nice to hopefully be able to move like a normal person, stand like a normal person, sit like a normal person, go to the bathroom like a normal person, you get the picture.

Have you ever heard of VAX-D?

Anyhoo, I'm rambling, that's what happens when you are unemployed and have nothing better to do. You talk endlessly with complete strangers! :)

thanks so much for your input.

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