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Well hard to say everyone is different I feel like a broken record I keep telling everyone I waited 6 years before I had my 1st Anterior L4 L5 Si1 Metal Cages Bone grafting from left hip as well as from another source. That is the easy way to sum up what was done. I will say this I did everything from PT, Acupuncutre Nerve blocks and Cortizone. I was so worried I would not be able to Skydive, run and even sit infront of a canvas and play with my oil paints that I flat out refused to have surgery after I was told you need to do this the nerve is in trouble as well as some other things.

Well without going on and on it became bad enough I could not walk and lost control of body function wen't to the Er being carried in and 7and a half hours latter I was in recovery after my surgery.

This was 5 years ago I am serious when I say the next day I woke up I felt like hell from the op the bone graft cut was worse than the one on my stomach from the Anterior approach. However when my Doc came into my room for his morning checks I was crying he was all worried thought I was in pain. I said no I can tell you fixed the problem as sick as I was I felt better back wise. I was able to fuse reocver and live I was not 100% pain free enflamation , arthritis, and some scar tissue cause this but I was able to jump out of planes again and work in my yard and be the mom I was not able to be meanin I could not toss a baseball and such and was crippld up more days than I can or care to count.

However the past couple of years my pain has changed and has gotten worse I am now back on 500mg of vicoden I normaly take two a day morning and night possibly more depends on what I am doing during the day I can't drive my car any longer due to the pain pills and my back even more so.

My Cages in L4 have shifted I could spend hours beating myself up was it a landing that did this possibly did I do something when I climbed up on a chair to kill a Bee in my bedroom one day and I fell did this break things apart in there I have no clue.

So now it is off to surgery again I go and I have a positive outlook that I will be fine and back to a decent pain lvl where I no longer have to take anything but a little anti inflamitory to cope.

Anyway this is some of the reasons I had to have back surgery and fusion then and again

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