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here is my problem...I am in so much pain. I had been told it was neuropathy, but am not diabetic. I had an EMG. Then I had a lower back MRI and that came out with something else. I have never hurt myself. My feet (when not on medication) hurt soo bad i cry and cry. It now is in my ankles, and my calfs seem to knot up. It makes me just wanna give up. Please help me figure these out...

Findings: The spine is anatomically aligned with conus medullaris at T12-L1. At T12-L1,,L1-L2, and L2-L3, there is no focal disc herniation. At L3-L4, there there is a mild disc dessication and mild disc bulge without significant central stenosis and nerve root impingement.

At L4-L5, there is a small right far lateral disc herniation, wich results in moderate right neural foraminal impingement and possible imingment on the exiting L5, and perhaps descending right L4 root.
At L5-S1, there is a mild diffuse circumferential spondylitic disc bulge with a tiny central disc herniation without significant central stenosis and nerve root impingement.

Impression: Small broad based right far lateral disc herniation at L4-L5 with moderate lateral right neural foraminal stenosis.

Small central disc herniation L5-S1 without definite nerve root impingement.

So, what does this mean? How is it fixed? Will I need surgery?[/B]

[B]EMG results:
Deep tendon reflexes: weak bilaterally but the ankle jerk was absent bilaterally.

EMG/NCS findings: the motor conduction velocity of the peroneal nerve and posterior tibial nerve is decreased bilaterally. The compound muscle action potential of posterior tibial nerve is decreased, the peroneal nerve is normal bilaterally.The sensory study of the sural nerve showed increased distal latency of the sensory response but the amplitude of the sensory nerve action potential is normal. The distal latency of the f-wave for bilateral posterior tibial nerve and distal latency for the h-response is increased bilaterally. The needle EMG showed chronic neurogenic changes in all the distal examined muscles.

1) motor sensory polyneuropathy of moderate degree, this neuropathy is of the deliminating type.
2)mild chronic radiculopathy of L4, L5 and S1 cannot be ruled out because of the wide spread neurogenic changes into the polyneuropathy.[/B]

can it be both? And if the disc is pushung on the nerves, would therapy or shots even help? If I need surgery, is it serius?? It hurts so much I cannot go on like this.
I am of no use when it comes to reading reports, I should be I have had enough of them.
I only wanted to let you know that your voice is heard and I care and hopefully someone with the knowledge will be along soon.Have you talked with your dr since you have gotten the report back??
Whatever you do jangin there and figt as long as your in pain and suffering make the drs listen and if they don't find another.
Thank you for the reply Linda...It means alot knowing people care...I have only seen my primary Dr so far, and am setting up an appointment with the back Dr. again, thanks for the reply. :wave:
Although I'm not familiar with all the terms, it just sounds like you have bulging/herniating discs, with most of the problems concentrating between L3-S1. The nerves that branch out from that region end at your foot, so it is possible the disc bulging is affecting the nerves in your leg.

With deep nerve damage, serious PT is probably the best route. You could also see if there are other non-op options, like injections (major side effects!), IDET, neuroplasty???, etc. Whatever non-op options you have, I'd try to pursue, making surgery your last reasonable option.

Hope this helps...keep us posted!
Sounds like you have nerve impingement (pinched nerve) at L4-5 from a herniated disc. Also, your EMG does suggest that some of the nerve damage, which you apparently have, is due to the nerve impingement, but they also mentioned the neuropathy was a demylinating type, which could mean some type of neurological disease or an autoimmune disorder which could be destroying the covering of your nerves.

You definitely need to discuss these findings with a neurologist or neurosurgeon. Your doctor is really the only one who can interpret the test results for you, but it does sound like you have something going on with your nerves and spine.

Good luck sweetie

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