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[QUOTE=kt41577]thanks for the advice about the ESI, but I have another question- what is the chance of having surgery with spondylolisthesis?
has therapy worked for anyone?

girl12345-my first injection hurt pretty bad but it was over in 8min, my doctor kept hitting my bone. I'm really not looking forward to having another one, but it took some of the pain away. good luck with yours!![/QUOTE]Hello. I have spondylolisthesis, My L4 slipped forward and broke a piece of my spine and I had a bulge on my L5 . Well I tried 2 epidoral shots, After the 2nd I told the Dr no more shots, So I had surgery, They took my broken bone out and replaced it with a cadaver. And now I have 4 huge screws in my back, NO therapy didnt work for me, I did a month, It might work for others, But I doubt it, I think its a money scam.
I had an epidural done this morning. Its my 2nd one. First one was done around 6 weeks ago, and I got about 1-1/2 weeks of relief. I hope this one last longer. My low back hurts the most right now. Usually I can find a comfort zone, lieing on my side... but not today. I had a l5-s1 micro-D last July. MY lower back both sides & legs are still giving me problems. Dr.'s say its inflammation & alot of scar tissue. The actual injection I didnt even feel , the worse part for me is when the nurse sticks me for the I V. My vaines aren't easy seen, so they always say I will give it a try here...and miss !! I hate needles with a passion....time to go lie down !!!

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