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We haven't gotten one yet for my husband, but, is it necessary to have a second opinion when things appear to be black and white? It looks like dh is going to need a multi-level fusion which was being put off for as long as possible. We're expecting his MRI from last week to confirm spondylolisthesis at L4-5 and significant changes at all levels due to fast deterioration caused by DDD. His symptoms include periodic leg numbness, numb buttocks, and bilateral pain shooting from the butt down the thighs. The neuro will let us know our options on Wednesday. He's been conferring with his partner re: my husband's condition and also with his ortho surgeon. He mentioned there will probably be no choice but to move forward with the fusion and that it won't be at just one level but at least at 3 levels or more and that dh's situation is highly unique (whatever that means).

He's tried PT and epidurals via pain management to no avail. He was getting relief in the pool but even in the space of a week, he's gone downhill so fast that it is no longer helping. Besides the fusion, what other choice will he have? We saw the film from the fluoroscopy used with the last epi a few weeks ago. Even a novice could see that the vertebrae were shifting apart. Is a second opinion needed?

Thank you, everyone. I feel like I'm trying to save a drowning man and am barely able to keep his head above water and he's slipping away. On a funny note, however, I was up on the rooftop fixing a terribly squeeky vent fan when it hit me (just before the panic did) - if I fall off, how in the world would dh be able to help me? Throw me a phone to call 911 myself and hope for the best?!

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