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Thank you all... You are all saying thing I needed to hear.

I am going to ask about the pool, I took my girls (9/12) to an indoor pool yesterday - Spring Break- and so wanted to get in... It seems like it would feel so good! No heavy swimming, but just being in the water.

My next appt is Monday, so I am going to also ask about testing. I wasn't aware I could have an MRI (was afraid the metal in my back would suck me against the wall :jester: )... but I guess its time. I think what I really want to know is if what he fixed is what is wrong (still?) or if there is something new. I had concerns pre-op as he kinda jumped from consevative thearpy to ESI to fusion - maybe that was ok... but he never saw a need for a disco. He said that the MRI showed problems at L4-L5 and any less invasive surgery would likey be temporary and would eventually require fusion anyways (so I agreed to fusion in that I would rather have 1 "final" surgery then little then big). It never dawned on me it wouldn't be FINAL.

However once he got in there he did a lami on L3 because the nerves were trapped so bad (I'm not even fully sure what that means??), in addition to the L4-L5 TLIF fusion.

Additionally, from the start I had pain at the "bra-line" that has been pretty much ignored, as he has decided the issue was in the lower area and to blame the upper pain on muscle pain from "carrying" the problem (huh??). Does this make any sense? The upper pain IS less, but could it be a problem in its own right?

My legs going to sleep is a MAJOR issue - it happens when I sit or lay down... It seems there is a "magic spot" that if I get any pressure on it my legs go numb... this cannot be normal.

The mayo clinic is a good idea- there is one not far from here... do I just call and try to get an appt? How do you start?

Part of the issue too is I feel like a hypochondriac 1/2 the time (I KNOW im not, but ...) My mom acts like I'm milking "this back-thing" and my husband misses having a WIFE (currently he may as well have a huge rock tied around his neck). Tomorrow is our 5 year anniv. and sex is NOT FUN, I can't do anything a "normal" 33 year old can do, I am NOT a nice person much of the time - I'm either asleep, in pain or crabby due to pain!! We have friends who had a party this weekend where they went go cart racing - all I could do is watch. I feel like I am going to be stuck "watching" everything for the rest of my life!!

Ok, this has gotten way to long... sorry. :angel:

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