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Hi everyone, I got got my results and I'm not happy how everything is being dealth with.First off I will remind everyone of my "problem areas" shall I say.I have DDD in the lumber region and have been having pain mostly when I sit and it has been actually waking me up during the night.I have numbness in my right foot on the top around the ankle and in the 3rd and 4th toes.Ever since I went in for the Emg the numbness has spread more across the foot.I did call and ask the Dr. if it was normal by advice of some of you that replied to my post but according to them they said it could happen so I brushed it off.It took them 8 days in order to get this test back and would have been more if I didn't probe them to find out what was going on.Well she finally located it and told me that it was negative.Now don't get me wrong I'm happy that it says htat but I'm puzzled to as why I have this numbness in my foot and they didn't give me any clue as to what it could be.Am I making this out to be more then what it should be or do you think I should pursue it some more???I would like to get some other's persective before I go and see someone else or if I should just drop it??? Thanks for any and all replies....Robin
Just a bump
hmm i dunno wat a emg is but i have some of ur symptons after a s1,l5 descetomy except when i walk the back of my lower leg hurts like a cramping and the front hurts from my toes up to my shin,when im at rest i just keep a fuzzy feeling or a buzzing feeling.only answer i have got from doctor is maybe s1 nerve damage.i am now just waiting for my next appt,i will post anything i find for me, maybe this will help.i can sure now relate to problems with ur foot :nono: got to get answers. it makes me have a very desprate feeling atleast with a ruptured disc i knew where i stood and there seemed to be a clear treatment path,the im not sure aproch my doctor now has worries me.

Don't get discouraged.

Many times these EMG test say, "Negative or Inconclusive" -

so did mine.. and I have no feeling, twitching, spasms and intractable pain throughout my entire left side hip to toe.

Yes, see another Dr and I pray you get the answers you seek


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