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HNP & Calf cramps
Mar 18, 2005
I was injured about 2 years ago. My 2nd MRI shows I have a moderate right sided herniated disc at the L-5 SI level with nerve root impingement & abuting the thecal sac. About a month ago I had to stop taking my medications because workmans comp said that I had a temp flare-up and they will not pay for them, even though their Dr. has me prescribed to them & I am still having pain & nerve symptoms. Medications are Neurontin, Celebrex, Ultram, amitryptiline.
After my injury I started getting calf cramps at night off and on which are painful. Sometimes they occur weekly, other times they occur every couple of weeks. They normally do not last long, under a minute. I stretch them out by pulling my leg back to my butt and flexing my foot. This is the only way I can stretch them out because they prevent me from being able to stand and walk. Tonight was the worst ever. My calf, hamstring and foot all cramped up on me. It hurt so bad I was seriously balling like a baby and it lasted about 5 min. I guess my question is.. Are these cramps connected to my herniated disc? If so, I have stopped taking my medications, did the cramps get worse because of stopping the medication? There is no use in asking my Dr. He's workcomp, treats me bad and could care less....

Thanks, Lisa

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