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Some ortho doc's utilize their hospital's anethesia department for testing and injections, while other's will only do their own. My first doc utilized the hospitals department for a disogram and injections and I wound up temporarily paralyzed with loss of all lower body functions. :eek:

I know there are always risks but what surprised me was that he told me I'd have feeling back in a couple of hours and helped the nurse pile me into a wheelchair and deliver me to the parking garage for my friend to drive me home. Five hours later still no change and it took a number of phone calls, help from the local police to load me back into my car and then hospitalized for more than a week until I started getting some functions back. I was able to stand with the aid of a walker a month later. BTW, the guy doing the test and injections was way behind schedule, being more than 2 hrs late getting to me. Later learned that in his rush, he injected quickly and the quick pressure from the quick injection bruised the spinal cord. Thankfully no permanent damage and I didn't sue, but the ortho in his attempt to protect this guy tried to convince me it was a hysterical paralyzation. HAH! I would have never been able to be in the field of work I was in and get the security clearances required if I were prone to that. In all of the aircraft crashes and mutilations I witnessed in 28 years, I know this was not so. I still had total confidence that the good Lord and my doc would do what was meant to be. The doc wasn't as confident as I, so I changed doc's.

Now, I know that some doctors are more skilled than others and that there are ortho doc's I might not want giving me any kind of injection, but after all I've been through with 8 spine surgeries and 4 fusion surgeries with 10 levels this last time, I absolutely would not want anyone other than an ortho or neuro spine specialist doing anything invasive on my spine.

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