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Question Goody :

When you have an Espisode with you back.... WALMART....kind of thing, what happens ? Does it hurt back in that spot ? The muscles around it ?
Does it wrap around your hip girdle area ?

I'm just wondering ? It seems when I have a set back, it hurts just like it did in the beginning. Back, wraps around girdle area.............down leg....and that muscle in my back gets very weak, and painful.....STIFF.

Is this what you experience ?

On the pain level: I don't know what mine must be very, very high by now. 18 years in excruiating pain all over my body from fibro and now this, without adequate meds. I'm bout DONE though........gotta have something stronger soon.

GOODY .....u leave in the morning......OH FOR JOY AND FUN !!! We will pray for you while you are away. :wave:

Blessings and Health to all..............

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