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I'm almost 4 months post 10 levels being fused. This was my fourth fusion surgery, but my doc has always promoted not sitting too long nor doing too much walking at one time either. So, from two to four weeks, I walked through the house so many times a day unless I was able to get to a store for a change of scenery. As he had home health coming, I did "exercises" such as they were several times a day, which including squeezing a throw pillow with my knees for 10-15 seconds, repeated about 15 times each, standing at my walker and taking one leg out to the side as far as was comfortable for so many times, and then taking the leg to the back and repeating. They added a few things as I progressed and then at four weeks I began PT at a local therapy place. I did lie around a lot in those first few weeks, but got up and moved around frequently to prevent blood clots. Believe me, getting up from bed was exercise enough at times, but getting that log roll down is important.

The doc has fussed at me in the past because I'm not good about resting enough. This time though, I did take lots of naps with many being in the recliner instead of the bed.

Sounds like you are doing the right things with resting and moving about and the spasms will reduce in time. Muscle relaxers when needed seem to help that process along. I took them regularly on the time table he prescribed the first month, and then began taking them only when I first began to felt a muscle tighten, and not only infrequently. It does begin to feel like that the muscles will never subside, but they do.

Understand the feeling that at three weeks we want to be doing more. Just remind yourself how much your body has been through and do give it plenty of time to heal. It won't be long until you will be able to do a good bit more.

Best wishes for a wonderful and full recovery.

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