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Quitecook, Rob, thanks for the reply. I am 4 weeks post from a Lamenectomy of the L4-L-5 I was having left side weakness,tingling,cold feet,pain in my butt,down my leg, stopped at my knee then pain in my big toe ,next toe and pain on top of my foot, the surgery helped the pain in the butt, still having pins and needles in foot, toes still sore and can't bend my foot down... but the pain in the butt was causing me to not be able to walk at all , so that surgery helped that part...may take a while to get all of my other sensations to return to normal, As for the new additional pain it is in the left side top and outer side of my thigh, cold sensations on top of my shin bone,sometimes pain in my groin and hip, and have had a Few very painful episodes of pain like some kicked me in my privates after sitting and then getting up.. still have the horrible back pain but has increased to include more on my left back side... Of course if I sit over 10 minutes my butt goes to sleep... I have checked the internet when I get up and about and can't seem to find anything about the L2-3 or what the L-2 root nerve affects,,seems to be rare.. Thanks for your help.

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