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Have MRI results!!!
Mar 29, 2005
I have my MRI results and am not real sure where this is going to take me. Any Clues??


MRI lumbar spine. With and without contrast. Prior surgery L5-S1. Compare plain films. Artifacts from metal L5-S1. Focal rounded area high marrow signal L4 suggesting hemangioma bone.
L1-L2 and L3-L4. No significant disc disease.
L4-L5. Broad-based disc disease flattening thecal sac. Narrows right neuroforamen touching on the exiting nerve root.
L5-S1. Some scar tissue on the left side of thecal sac. Scar tissue on the right. Artifacts from metal limits evaluation and thecal sac widely patent.


1. Postsurgical changes with scarring at L5-S1. Particularly on the left and may affect the left neural foramen.
2. Disc disease L4-L5 pressing on the exiting right nerve root.

I go to the spine specialist on Monday. I am not real sure what questions I need to be asking. I had a fusion in 2002 and discectomy in 2001. I am having pain in low back (mostly on the left) and down into my left buttocks and left thigh. I have numbness in my left foot to just above my ankle with the exception of across the top of my foot and in my big toe (which is a burning sensation most of the time but also a sharp pain that cripples me when it hits). I have been on pain pills and muscle relaxers since my last surgery in 2002 and would really love to be able to stop taking pain meds and start living a normal life again.

Any suggestions on what I need to be focusing on when I go see the specialist??? Thanks for advice everyone!!! :)

Good Luck!!! Keep Smiling!!!

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