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Re: Foot drop ?
Apr 25, 2005
[QUOTE=veggigoddess]I searched on-line and here's what I got.

Frequency: Peroneal neuropathy caused by compression at the fibular head is the most common compressive neuropathy in the lower extremity. Foot drop is its most notable symptom.


This is what I got 2 years ago...the peroneal nerve is the outside calf region and is superficial (vs. deep).

Although surgeries cause this, mine started when I weeded my beds for 4 hours (that's what I get for squatting). Lasted 2 months.

Foot drop, regardless of the origin nerve, results in the inability to flex your foot. Had to wear a brace, do certain exercises, and wear extremely high heels to client meetings to keep from falling on my face!

Neurologist is the appropriate dr for this...they can conduct the basic reflex tests, and the EMG/Nerve Conductivity. That's how we found out mine was superficial (which is obviously preferable to deep).

Good luck!

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