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Hi all-I have learned alot here in just a few days of reading thanks for all the advice. Could you please help me with my MRI results. The nurse said that it doesn't look good-What does that mean?? They also moved up my appointment to the neurosurgeon-this must be bad, I'm pretty scared. Please read and let me know what you think.

History; Low back pain left leg weekness

T1-weighted, T2-weighted, and fat suppression sagittal images of the lumbar spine are available as well as T2-weighted transaxial images.

Vertebral alignment is within normal limits. The signal from the marrow cavities of the vertebra imaged and subarachnoid space is within normal limits. The conus medullaris is seen at the TL2 vertabral level and is unremarkable.

Serial transaxial images are available from L3 through S1.

The L3-L4 vertabral level is unremarkable.

The L4-L5 vertabral level demonstrates a decreased signal of the disc most consistant degenerative disc changes and a moderate posterior, central and slightly inferiorly directed disc bulge resulting in anterior impingement upon the thecal sac.

The L5-S1 vertabral level demonstrates decreased signal of the disc most consistent with degenerative disc changes in addition disc space narrowing. There is a small herniated disc fragment directed asymetric to the left of midline with some impingement upon the left S1 nerve root. This is seen prior to its exiting the neural foramina. There is also suspicion for some impingement upon the left L5 nerve root though this appears to have exited the neural foramina at this point. This is quesionable clinical significance.

Impression: The disc herniation at L5-S1 as described above with degenerative disc changes and a moderate disc bulge at L4-L5 also degenerative disc changes as noted above.

Can someone please tell what this means. I'm only 25 does this mean that maybe i can work through this without going under the knife? Please help me in telling me what questions to ask the surgeon on Friday. :confused:

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