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Hi Blossom :wave:

Everyone's posts are pretty much my opinion, I really have mixed feelings on this. I think it's true (from what I've read) that smoking really does hinder fusion and in all likelihood can lead to non union.

EVERY Dr I have saw swears to this at different degrees.

Ortho was adament. He was also totally NO SMOKING or he would not do surgery....I find this extreme.

NS advises NO smoking but did not force it down my throat, quite honestly he is the one that told me not only does it risk a successful fusion it CAUSES BACK PAIN TO INCREASE, I had never heard that and kinda blew it off then I read a post somewhere here ... that it indeed made her back hurt - and she could feel her back constricting.(and a heating pad helped) I LIVE in an electric blanket packed in ice! crazy :rolleyes:

Like Carol I smoked throughout my 2 surgeries.

I DID stop for the big FUSION sx ....hardest thing (and time) to do this, mentally you think you need a smoke more than ever:(

I will NOT be smoking for this upcoming surgery, like Carol said, I'm getting too old to take chances too. ESPECIALLY since my last 2 level fusion failed miserably. I just pray I have the disipline needed to continue leaving them alone.

Like you, I have severe arthritis throughout the spine severe DDD at all levels (Lumbar) after hours & hours of research I do think that we had all of these things against us, we we're VERY prone to fail. I too had donor bone, NO bone growth stimulator and NO brace, NO PT. In hindsight I didn't have a chance in hell of fusing. Like I've said in other posts this will be my 3rd surgery and I pray for the strength to do EVERYTHING I PERSONALLY CAN to ensure this ordeal will yield results. This time I will have the BGS, brace, PT etc..and will use my own bone, not cadaver. A lot of docs hold off using your bone, they use cadaver it's easier on the pt etc...and they leave iliac harvest for a "Backup Plan" in the even you don't fuse. I guess I understand that sorta but think if your a high risk pt for fusion (obese, smoker, other health issues etc..) then I think EVERY step should be used FROM THE START of surgical planning, as extra help to encourage fusion.

I now have a failure of hardware and NON union @ L4/5 Sept '03.

The pain that finally compelled me to commit to fusion was indescribable, it was incidious and unrelenting, I finally was bone on bone and was totally controlled by pain. The pain I have now is totally the same yet different. Different in the degree and intensity. Bone crushing, grinding, burning, searing, tearing, and untolerable (and this is on Duragesic, Lortab, Zanaflex, Neurontin, Soma, Elavil, Xanax, dicolfenac, occasional Medrol paks and OTC NSAIDS)

I often do what we all do, try and describe the pain (at it's worse) to myself, and often relate it to a toothache in my spine. That's if it's a nerve pain day! Each day is different in sensation but consistent with increasing and totally debilatating agony.

THIS is why I shall do this surgery one more time, the life I have now is not MY life. I am a prisoner to this pain and it is impossible for me to continue like this. This surgery or my previous ones were not gone into lightly and were not rushed, I finally went thru with them when I could not wait any longer...

I did it to girl smoked like a chimney all the way to the hospital. I do believe what your surgeon told you about smoking slowing down circulation and increasing back pain to be true. I also think genetics play a major role - you could take 10 smokers and 10 non smokers, do a fusion and still have mixed results.

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