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Hi Guy's :bouncing: ,
I need your advice once again :angel: I had my S1 & L5 Fusion 8-9 weeks ago. I keep complaining to my Surgeon about a strange sensation going down my left leg, it is hard to descibe, But my leg tingles and stings. I think it would best be described as the feeling of an insect buzzing on my leg, VERY annoying, and is painful (all over the leg, not generalized). I told my surgeon about this and he was ordering a CT Scan ( I asked for an MRI), But he told me the CT Scan shows more of the openings in the spine where the nerves exit.
But then he changed his mind and said it was to early yet and it might go away on it's own. Has anyone else had this happen? It began in the back, then hip, then the thigh and lower leg, now it tingles and stings down to the top of my foot and it's only on the left leg. I have always thought it was a pinched nerve, is it possible for it to be a nerve? Has anyone had this stop on it's own? What about scar tissue?
It is ELECTIFYING, like jolts. I have been working in the house and yard all day, but didn't over do anything.
Yet at dinner, I had 3 jolts one right after the other.
I have never heard of this. Is there something I can look up online?
Doc says he'll have the CT Scan ordered on my next visit, May 2nd.
Don't know what to think about this, I did [B]not [/B] have it before the surgery.

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