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Can anyone who has serious back problems shed any light on this new torture??? It happens quite a lot, he'll be lying watching TV and all of a sudden his foot will start to cramp and try to make like a fist. It happens in both feet, sometimes both at the same time but the little toes also dislocate. It is very, very painful for him and I can hardly bear to watch.

He has a plethora of complaints I'm not sure of the proper names or how many (It's all so technical) but this is what I do know, he has compressed discs, has previously fractured three vertebrae (in an accident) which have now healed but wrongly so he now also has spinal stenosis. I'm not sure which things are in which area but I do know the two areas are lumbar and thoracic which is affecting his blood pressure and he now apparently has sleep apnea.

His case is a disgraceful episode of misdiagnosis, he has had to beg for an MRI after begging an A&E doctor to stop looking at his dislocated shoulder (he has instability, inoperable so it dislocates every day) and please look at his back. The doc asked him when he'd broken it???

Unfortunately living in the UK he is not due to have even a chat with the surgeon until August, meanwhile he is deterioating so badly my gut feeling is that he'll be taken in as an emergency before then as he now cannot climb in and out of the bath nor can he walk more than a few yards before being in agony.

Pain killers don't work for him, he has been prescribed everything under the sun recently and has been sent for blood work to see if he has certain anti-bodies that stop pain killers working properly. He has also just recently been prescribed Gabapentin in a tritation pack which he has yet to start because he is terrified of the side effects which are pretty bad and also because once you start it you just can't stop it plus the worry that they won't work anyway so he'll be risking things for nothing.

His blood pressure is frequently sitting at 159, he gets terrible chest pains and he says it is getting harder to cope with the pain. He gets sciatica too and pain in almost every part of his body and he is starting to show real signs of not coping anymore. I am so worried about him, is it getting really serious??? I think it is and he needs to be in hospital now but what can I do to get him in there??? Going to emergency doesn't work they send him home it's an absolute disgrace and I feel helpless, the stress is terrible watching someone you love in such terrible pain, he had the accident four years ago and was only just diagnosed late last year. I feel a malpractice suit coming on but later I need to get help to him first.

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