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Hi Guy's :wave: ,
Well, I got to the Surgeon's Office at 8:15am, they were told when I got there to just bypass the sign-in and send me straight back for a few X-Rays. Then they took me to a room, The Doc came in almost immediatly and the X-rays were already on his computer. He looked at them and didn't see anything (or so he says), I told him about the Lower back, Left Thigh, Buttocks, & leg being very painful, and electric shocks going down to the foot, the Numbness and achy, stinging feelings that are painful traveling down the leg.

That when I sit forward for more than 5 minutes causes extreme pain and it's hard to sit back up straight and there's Burning pain through the mid back.

Walking causes pain to get [U]ALOT[/U] worse till I can no longer walk due to severe pain in the left hip & Leg.
Also told him about the "clicking" feeling when I bend over sometimes in the area of the Surgery.

I asked how soon before I am out of Pain?

I said, I can't function due to pain, can't get in & out of my car, I am so tired of being in pain all the time.

I asked: What could be wrong? I'm doing everything I'm supposed too! And that I am worried if the Fusion is failing or loosening, a tiny bone fragment or Pinched Nerve?

For him to [U]PLEASE HELP ME![/U] I just want to go on & live life normally. I have no spasms anywhere & my back never goes out anymore.

I said: I'de rather have you do an Exploratory Surgery & check everything out than call every 2 weeks in Severe pain and live on Pain pills 24/7.

Anyway, I fell asleep at 5am and woke up at 7am to get ready for the appt.
He studied the X-rays, then did 1 leg movement and I screamed and began crying, holding the top of my leg. He asked where exactly it was hurting and watch my hands grabbing where it hurt. He tried 1 more simple one, just put his hand under my foot and ask me to try to keep his hand from lifting it, this time it was worse, I was crying so hard, I couldn't talk. Don't know why I bothered with Makeup this morning, I cryed it all off in minutes.

He told me not to worry, That he has had a few patients have the same problem and it's not that uncommon. He told me the Xrays didn't show a good enough view and to go next door for a CT Scan, He told me it's one of 2 things. Either the Nerve is irritated since the fusion goes in right next to it, Or the Nerve is pinched.

He gave me Pain meds and a new med out on the market taking Celebrex's place. If he see's something that need immediate attention on the CT, He will call me. Otherwise keep my May 3rd appt and see him then.

All this came from someone on 2 hours sleep and in severe pain, I had to be lifted onto the Scanned and lifted off it as well, I couldn't move on my own.

[U]But if this is an irritated Nerve, then is it going to keep doing this?[/U] Or will it calm down eventually and stop? [U]And if it turns out to be a pinched Nerve, How do they fix it?[/U]Thank's,
PS. I just noticed this is my 4th post to MYSELF, is anyone out there?

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