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Being a veteran of 8 spine surgeries of which four were fusion surgeries I will talk bluntly with you. I had 10 levels fused in Dec 04 and I've never had such a thing with any of my surgeries. I was however, temporarily paralyzed by a doc (anestheologist) several years ago. He was doing a test and injected too quickly in a facet joint and bruised my spinal cord. He sent ne home telling me that the feeling would be back in a couple of hours and at 5 hrs I began making waves. The feeling had not returned and I could not control my bodily functions. I was then hospitalized for about 10 days until I began getting pain, indicating there was going to be feeling. Therefore, I state to you with absolute certainty that NO, that is not the norm. Did your son have a spine specialist or a general neuro or general ortho surgeon? If I were him, I'd be pressing for an answer because the surgeon working on the spine should know the nerves and certainly should not have disturbed one to the point that it is numb for days with no indication that feeling is coming back. If, at one week post surgery, it has not shown some return to normalcy, I'd be more than just asking.

Actually, my spine secialist brings in equipment and a tech to monitor my spinal cord when he works on my back.

Hope you will let us know how he is doing, and best wishes to you both.

I hope to goodness this doc didn't release your son while he still had a temp, even if he did want out of the hospital. What is the point of going through such extreme surgery if you won't accept the care that is needed? Please convince your son that he is acting as his own worse enemy and that this surgery is rough and going to take time to heal. Make sure that he does the log roll getting into and out of bed or he can do himself harm.

I live only an hour away from my surgeons but I will not push my doctors to let me out of the hospital. When they ask me if I'm ready to go, I say I can be ready in 2 minutes, because they are not going to keep you any longer than absolutely required. In fact, they are usually pushing you out before you feel ready. Hospitals are not the most pleasant places, but they serve their purpose.

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