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Hey there!

I was wondering if any of you all have tried an Inversion Board/Table? I have one and I really like it. I have to support my neck with one of those curved pillows tho or I get a headache. I have cervical disc DDD and one that is slightly out of alignment, but I think the headache comes from all the blood rushing to my little brain! :)

I have, since summer '02 herniated L3-4 L-4-5 S1 one of these has a tear. Well, I have been treated with PT, ESI's, Aqua Therapy, all not helping. I am currently under PM care being treated with meds. I also have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bursitis in my right hip and right shoulder, and severe trigger points that are constantly inflamed. I am seeking SSD, and can't afford any "other" treatment like my PM doc wrote me a script for PT that is for massage therapy and trigger point release, but I can't pay for the treatments. My insurance caps out at $2500 and I can't afford that either but am going to have to resort to surgery regardless. My rheumy believes that I have waited so long now that surgery will most likely not help too much and of course I need a new MRI to see what further damage has been done. She believes this because of the pain in my butt and my groin that radiates to my shin. I saw a picture in my PM's office that shows exactly what L affects a certain area of your body. I saw the L4 and L5 (or was it 3? can't remember!) parts that are affecting my shin. She said that the pain I feel from my hip to my knee is from the bursitis, and the pain in my shin is from my back. I never knew all that! Hmmm...I know that the bursitis is so bad, that I can't sit correctly. Between that and the pain in my butt cheek from my back I have to sit on one cheek! I too don't drive unless necessary cuz I have to lean so far to one side. My foot and toes are also numb and my right foot "droops". I cannot raise my right leg but a few inches and I can't lift my right foot from the ankle up towards my shin. Soooo....this is why my rheumy believes I have some sort of nerve damage. I have called my PM doc and gave him some of the names of surgeons who operate in the hospital I choose to use, close to my home, and covered by my insurance, only one of those docs is a neuro, not sure what the others are, I'd have to call their office. But I haven't heard from him yet. I am worried about getting this surgery done within the next month or so, cuz my husband is on a temp construction job which is about to end and my insurance will have to transfer over to COBRA. That is my biggest fear, next to losing our home, that I will have no insurance! I am a Veteran and have an app to reapply for my benefits, but there is no VA Hospital here, just a clinic. I just want my back fixed as much as someone can fix it. I hope that it could be even 10% better than it is now, maybe I could be a little more mobile. Right now, if I am rising from a sitting position, I have to push myself up, then stand there for awhile until my back "releases" before I can even take a step. Do you know what I mean? It's like I have to stand for a few seconds to let my back "let go" before I can walk. My knees are begining to go bad because I use them so much to squat if I have to get something off the floor or bend down, so I'm not using my back. Now my knees hurt all the time! I can't sit unless my feet are elavated because the pressure on my back is too intense. Some mess eh?

Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble on like that, I only wanted to ask you all about the board! LOL Sorry.

Oh, and I too wonder about a Chiro mushing around all those discs that are already mushed! I had a massage not too long after my back was first dx'd with herniated discs, and the therapist just barely rubbed on my lower back and I thought I would pee myself. I can't even stand for any kind of pressure to be applied to that area, unless I am standing erect, then I can kind of massage it, but if I'm laying flat, no way can you apply any sort of pressure to that area, or even wiggle me around what so ever! I have to sleep in the same position in bed, or if I do manage to get onto my side, I have to twist my shoulders first then slide my hips very slowly over on their side, without twisting my back. I use the headboard on my bed to do this! I hold the bars on the headboard and slide my hips onto their side. Quite a trick! LOL Oh and I have a rope tied to my bed that has a big knot in the middle that I have to grab in the morning in order to hoist myself up so I can even get out of bed. I cannot sit up without something to pull on.

Anyhoo, thanks you all for listening and hopefully here soon I will be having surgery and hopefully it will at least let me bend over without needing a crane to pull me back up! :)

Here's wishing you all a good spirit!

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