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So you are not alone... Have you had the ADR? Do you know if you can have adr on a disk (say L1) if you've had fusion at L3-4-5???

I think I may just be your twin. I swear, I thought no one was going through what I have been, only because my docs react like I'm talking Greek most of the time.
I have not had the ADR but I have been told by my new Ortho that I should because L3 has degenerated to the point it is pushing against my spinal cord and has a lot of arthritis. I've been fused at L4-5/L5-S1 already. Silly me, I thought once I did that, I'd never have to address my back again. Unfortunately, according to the Ortho, the fusion put a great deal of pressure on L3 and is the reason it has gone ka-put. In what little info I've been able to find about ADR, the only levels they mention it being done at were L4-5 and L5-S1...not one listing of L3-4. I see the Ortho again on May 18 and I plan on asking him a lot of questions....
Good luck to you! Thanks for taking the time to respond.
By the way, if you don't mind answering, what is the reason you've been given for your pain issues?[/COLOR]

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