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I am post op 7 weeks from laminectomy(left side) L4-5 no fusion. I am having a lot of pain in my right leg,hip,back and can hardly turn myself over in the bed, I have to use the back of the head board to turn myself over much like I did the first few weeks after surgery.. My neuro has ordered pt for 6 weeks and off work for 8 weeks. I still cannot sit for longer than 15 min, or stand or walk over 30 without the back pain, still walk at a slow pace as if I increase the gait I get horrible pains in my back. . I just got a notice in the mail that wc is wanting a 2nd opinion.. my son says sometimes that they get a doctor to say that you are ok to get you back to work... anyone else know what this is about.Is this just procedure. Why would anyone want to live in this kind of pain. I have only been taking the pain meds when I need them(loratab), after reading about the comments that you need to take them as directed to keep the pain level under wraps, I am wondering, I was taking them every 6 hours as needed for pain after my surgery. I have been only taking them about twice a day and toughing out the rest of the day to try to get off of them... do you think that I am not doing it right??Am I trying to hard to get off of them too soon? Should I go ahead and take them every 6 hours to keep my pain levels down and see if that will help the pain at night..Is it getting ahead of me at night when I go to sleep. The neuro said that he lamy was only to correct the compressed nerve in my leg which that pain is gone , still have the toe numbness,Pain on top of the foot, weakness of my foot and ankle and a little butt pain when I sit but no shooting pains up my leg. I just have the horrible pain in the other leg which started after the surgery. Could it be a problem with the surgery? Could it be the additional disk starting to cause problems. I have earlier posted my Myelogram questins a while back if anyone wants to check it out. So lots of concerns and questions . Thank you. Leaf

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