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Can you give me a little more information? Is the pain in the bottom of your feet? Is it very sharp? If you were to push on the soles of your feet does it hurt? especially in the middle area just before your heel?


Hi Ed.... the pain is a aching, throbbing, shooting, burning pain ( burning especially down the sides of both my feet) like I said before my toes even curl under when I stand down on my feet to try to walk.... it just hurts so badly for my feet to touch the ground..... Its all I can do to walk on them.... I know I hobble or waddle around something terrible because of the way I walk because of the pain.... I know it is not "Plantar Fasciitis" that is the inflammation of the tendon in the bottom of your foot that connects to your heel.... this pain is not at the ball or just before the ball of my heel.....Thanks for your response.

TRose :angel:

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