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I have tingling in my upper back and intermittent pins & needles/numbness in some of my toes. I've seen two neurosurgeons who say it's all related to my (rare) herniated thoracic disc. I personally think I might have a lumbar problem as well, which I plan to ask my idiot PM about next week. The tingling is mostly on the right side (sometimes both sides), by the bra line and shoulder blade. I just had a facet joint injection, which didn't help, but did "light up" the entire area of my back when the nerve was touched, so there is a problem there.

When you see your doctor/neurosurgeon, ask lots of specific questions about your symptoms. It's been my experience that they can be quick to attribute any and all symptoms to thoracic problems, partially since they don't see these disc problems very often. I can basically have elective thoracic surgery whenever I want/need it (have done PT, wore a brace, did injections) but my paint isn't severe enough to warrant the pain from a thorocotomy.

It's probably wishful thinking for me to hope that there is a lumbar problem that can be fixed in a less invasive manner, though I do have sensory deficits.

Hang in there.

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