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I am hoping someone can tell me how to read the following results and what are the likely treatments. I had a cervical MRI, which was ordered after having a nerve block on my lower back. The cervical MRI had the following signficant results:

Findings: There is significant disc disease at C6-7 where there is a suggestion of focal signal abnormality within the cord on sagittal images.

At C6-7, there is right paracentral disc bulge, extending into the right neural foramen, which is severely narrowed. The left neural foramen is widely patent at this level, but there is mild mass-effect on the cord.

Impression: Right paracentral/foraminal disc bulge at C6-7, with severe right neural foraminal narrowing and mild mass-effect on the cord. Questionable mild cord signal abnormality focally at this level.

Thanks for any help,
Hi Frank! I can relate to the pins and needles and left arm weak. I have constant neck and shoulder pain. Mine, is due to probably the non fusion of my cervical 5-6-7, but I also had issues on c 3-5 on my last mri. I also had a discecomy on my l5, now collapsed. L 3-5 were bulging also on the old mri, 3 yrs ago. I am awaiting new testing, mri, ct mylegram. The head and neck being unsteady, oh yeah! Driving, sitting standing, bending the head to read, all of it. Sleeping is not easy, only can lay on my right side and pillows, must be low and the special neck kind. It's raining today and I can always tell when the humidity gets high. Neck pillows help when driving long distance, be so careful the way you get up and Don't pull or tug things, I was out flat last week due to just tugging a bag of soil. Don't give up!! there are things we can still do, just not what you use to. Now I have to hire people to do it, and lecture them on how not to hurt themselves!! These boards help us all, we are not alone!!! :wave:

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