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:wave: Hi there
I know it is so hard to try and keep up with everyone's problem huh :rolleyes: but here is what happened. I had a l4/5 in 95and 3/4 in 99 and then a fusion of 4/5 then 3 months later i started with this horrible thigh and hip pain. SOOOO they thought take out the hardware well maybe after 5 million tests and injections. So off to sugery , he ended up leaving the hardware because it looked great but said i had severe stenosis on the l5/s1 so lami/forami.and lami of l3-4 again. I did get a little relief of the thigh pain but very minimal. The end thought was that the nerves were compressed from not fusing back in 95 that when the fusion was now done and the nerves were released that i was left with irrev. nerve damage. and this horrible pain. Great huh :eek: So now I am taking Kadian and it is helping some but it does not look like there is anything else that can be done to fix it.
I am not sure if this means I will be taking a medicine like this forever or not, but unless i wake up one morning "well" then i guess i am in order to keep working and keep being able to take care of my kids etc.
Well that sounded like a pretty grim post huh :( but maybe when i have this neck surgery some of the pain will go and I will be able to deal with the other with a clearer head. Sounds good to me.......... Thanks for asking about me.
;) shelley

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