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I am really seeking your help. I don't know what else to do. I work in a factory, I do overhead work all day, I have been doing this for the last 11 years. I started having pain in my upper back and neck. I could touch exactly where it hurt. I told my boss, he didn't want to send me for me to the work Dr because of we were short manpower. He put me on restrictions to do only certain jobs to see if that would help. Well it didn't. I finally went to the the company Dr. They ran all kinds of test (X Ray,MRI) and have found nothing. I then went to see my own Dr and for some reason, the workers comp people kept wanting to talk to him. He finally said that he could not help me. I was confused. He just looked at their reports and said nothing was there. I kept telling him I was hurting and that something was causing it. He literally said, "Well I can't help you and good luck." Ok, I dropped him quickly and went to see another Dr. She sent me to a bone and joint specialist and they ran MRI on neck but said there was nothing there. Today the specialist told me he is sending me to pain management. Will that just mask the problem and not get to the root cause? Here are my symptoms: neck falls asleep, it hurts anytime I tilt it for over 5 minutes ( to read, wash dishes, etc), it feels like I have floating bone fragments in my neck. My upper back hurts right between my shoulder blades, my shoulder baldes feel brused on the tips, if I jog for a short distance it feels like my bones are pounding each other in my upper back, left leg falls asleep mostly from the knee down and into my toes. my tailbone is starting to hurt a lot and I noitced my butt falls asleep sometimes (wierd feeling). If I walk for a long period of time my back hurts (went shopping at the mall) or if I ride in the car a long time(drove to another city 2 hours away and back-that is when I went to the mall). Sometimes when I lay on my left side it falls asleep. My right shoulder hurts as well. I am starting to have some pain in my lower back too. Could the problem be getting worse? If anyone can offer anything thing to say to the Dr that I am not saying or that they are not suggesting I would appreciate it. I go back to my PCP the middle of may, a week before I go to PM. I know workers comp is just buying time so they can try to settle on this. Oh, WC sent me to see a Dr and he gave me a 5% disability rating. What is that all about? I just feel like the Drs don't want to deal with WC. :confused:

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