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Hi Nean :wave:
My symptoms consist of
Headaches for 7 years 24/7
Stiff and sore neck and shoulders for 7 years
If I lift my hands above my head my arms go numb for 7 years
Heavy legs for 7 years
These next symptoms have been with me for 2years or less
Pain running down my arms
Loss of movement and feeling in one arm for 4 months
Tingling and numbness in my fingers and hands
I have the spider crawling over your skin feeling alot all over my body mainly my top half.
Pain Between my shoulder blades 24/7 kinda like you want to crack your back feeling.
It hurts to breath too deeply and sometimes it just hurts.
After I eat I feel sorer and it makes the breathing and pain in my chest and back worse.
I have nausea mostly in the afternoon
I get stomach cramps that buckle me over but only for short bursts
My bladder sometimes will not empty ( can't pee at all )
Pain running down my legs
Aching feet
every bone in my body cracks and creaks
Loss of movement in my legs
Numbness in my legs sometimes
My legs sometimes give out on me when I walk or am standing.
My back throbs from top to tailbone. I can actually feel it throbbing

Sorry it is so long but I have tried to think of nearly everything for you. No doubt there is some things I have missed out. I hope this is of some help.
Lee :bouncing: :bouncing:

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