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time is running out.
I won't get to detailed. I had a lumbar fusion in december, doing great! I also had some neck issues: herniated disc, spondylosis, cervical degeneration, pinched nerve and constant spams in my neck muscles. I am doing better, but not as good as I need to be. If I never had to go to school, I may not worry so much. BUT, I am applying for a limited entry program and it will run for exactly 47 weeks, seven am to seven pm, M-TH, and I will have to work part time, either after class from say four thirty til ten (example) or Fr thru sunday. Sitting is horrible if I am not constantly changing position, or moving around getting up and walking around. Bending my neck for more than about five to ten minutes causes everything to hurt and tense up. It goes from the base of my head to my bra line.
Anyway, so the problem is pain. Now, I am not sure if surgery is an option, and I am not sure I want it, and this is where I am confused. If I get into school, I will know around the first of August. That is around two and a half months give or take. I may try and see my dr to find out if I would benefit from a discogram which showed previously that I was a candidate for the lumbar fusion. See, when they took the two discs out, the spasms and pain went away. SO, I am wondering if it is the disc, that my upper back pain and spasms might go away if we take my C5-6 disc out. Of course, there are NO GAURANTEES. I risk losing range of motion looking down with the surgery, but if I don't do something, I won't be able to take notes well, or do lab and stuff b/c of all the pain from sitting and looking down. Kinda a catch 22 and time is running out. PLUS, there is no guarantee I will get in, though I am pretty sure I will. I still need my percs here and there to get through work. I have had two sets of ESI in my neck, PT, muscle relaxers (NO HELP), heat, Ice, massage you name it, I have had it (except for a tens, or accupuncture or neurontin). I know I need to atleast see my dr and find out what he thinks, but I don't even know if I would want him to make a decision or to help me. I am starting to lean away from this ortho and head back to a neuro. I am so confused right now. I could use some help.
Betty, if you are still around, I could really use some more info re: your husbands outcomes with healing time, restrictions, going back to work etc....
I am under a serious time constraint! (have to be healed enough to go to school, but also not miss much work-ugh, this is giving me a headache) :confused:

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