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I had S-I problems after someone rear-ended my car and my physical therapist then had me stretch too far. My S-I joint started dislocating for no apparent reason, and my doctor said it was most likely because I'd had `loose' muscles or tendons that had never healed properly after the car accident, and so they were not holding the S-I joint together tightly enough.

Physical therapy (with a different physical therapist) didn't work for it, so then we went to ESIs straight into the S-I joint. Those helped tremendously for that pain (which was very significant, daily), which is exactly like what you describe (top of right hip and very top of right butt-cheek).

But since I could still feel a very small degree of pain there after the ESIs kicked in, my doctor then sent me for prolotherapy. It was a god-send. After five rounds of that, my S-I joint problem seems to be cured. No more pain in that area at all.

I don't know if prolotherapy will work for you, but I would ask your doctor if there's a possibility that the tendons/ligaments whatever that are supposed to hold that joint in place could be damaged or loose. If there is, I would highly recommend trying the prolotherapy. Even if there's not, I might try it anyway if I were you, because I know from my own experience how much that problem SUCKS to have.

But I agree with what Betty said, in that my S-I pain never seemed to go out of my hip/butt area. Chances are that your leg pain is coming from a pinched nerve somewhere else. I `just' have an annular tear around one disc (no disc damage at all), and I've had that horrible electrical stabbing pain in my butt occasionally. It took a discogram to diagnose that.

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