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I got something strange going on in my upper back/neck region. It started over 2 weeks ago and felt like I slept wrong. I feel pain in my upper back, it's kind of comparable to the lung pain I felt when I had bronchitis, except I only feel it in my back, not in the front of my lungs at all. So it must be a back problem. The pain is getting worse every day. At first it was just, "oh well, I must have lifted too many weights at the gym." Now it's getting pretty bothersome and I can't seem to get it to go away. I used a heating pad last night and that seemed to help a little. It hurts when I stretch my neck muscles: to the left or right or when I look down at my feet. When I sit still I feel a very dull ache. I keep feeling my neck to see if there's some kind of bump or ANYTHING weird there. What the heck should I do? I guess I'll just keep waiting and seeing. I would only go to the doctor for pain relief if the pain got bad enough, but it's not there yet. Thoughts anyone?

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