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Back xray report
May 28, 2005
Hi-- I am new to this board, any comments or ideas would be appreciated.

In October I started having incredible morning stiffness and pain. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have had a lot of stress for a year with my father's illness and passing , so I wasn't surprised at my flare. It got much worse over time and I went to the Dr. in late Feb. as it worsened. It took a while (april) to get them to do xrays and when they did my Dr. called me in and said I had a compression fracture caused by the flare inflammation. I called recently and asked for my reports because I just felt something was off in the visit and I may seek a second opinion as I am still having a lot of pain. This is what my xray report said- if anyone here could interpret any part of it I would appreciate any help. Thank you all in advance.
There are five lumbar vertebral bodies with mid scoliosis convex toward the left. There appears to be a vestigaial S1-S2 disk space with partial lumbarization on the right. The vertebral body and disk space height are obscured above and including the L5-S1 disk space level on the lateral film because of end plate overlap. There is mild anterolisthesis at L4-5. There is multilevel disk space narrowing. There is mild retrolisthesis at L3-L4 and L2-3.

Mild compression deformitites in the lumbar and throacic regions.

There are facet hypertrophic changes, great in the lower lumbar region.
Hi, I'm not very good with the findings of x-rays and mri's I should be as many as I have had.
I believe though I would be getting another opinion from a spine pecialist and have a MRI done which will more conclusove then x-rays.
It sounds like you have a lot going on in your spine and I wouldn't wait to do it.

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