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hey regime.I read your thread and can easily relate to your awful back pain.I too suffer from chronic back pain.I have scoliosis and my spine is curved approx 20 degrees.Ive been on solid meds for over a year and a half now.Was currently on a substance of morphine, however my meds have just been upped to morphine. The pain is so unbearable that i constantly miss college, my movement is extremely restricted, there are so many every day things that i can no longer do, and the worse thing is that im only 16 years old!All these problems have hit me so hard early on in life, that i will be effected for life.Ive been told il be on painkillers for the rest if my life, and if my back continues to worsen like it is doing, then i will end up crippled.On thursday i had a yearly check up with my specialist, however it didnt go to plan!Ive now been told that my spine has considerably worsened, and i may have a lump compressing on my spine, and noone can tell whether this possible lump is benign or what yet.I was stunned.I felt isolated,scared and upset at this bad news.Next week i have to go for more x rays, an MRI scan and various tests.I am absolutly petrified as to what the news, whether it be good or bad, will bring..what will happen later on in life?will i suffer more?i also suffer from clinical depression, and this is all getting on top of me.I dont know how il be able to cope.
Anyway i just wanted to say to you, even though we are still unsure of any more info on the condition of myspine, therefore i can not be helped just yet, you can still be helped.Hang in there!I know that is probably a cliche thing to say, however i have tried so much to think more positive, and i tell you it does work.Just keep on chasing up your doctor, and ask as many questions to load up on info.I didnt take much interest in my spine probs when they first started, as i thought they would just go away.Well it hasnt!I wish you all the best.

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