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Well, I guess I got my trial run at the Lidoderm Patches cheaper then most of you.... I got mine for free..... My sister in law had been perscribed the Lidoderm patch for her back, and never used them.... Paid I think she said something Like $180.00 for them... and then just let them lay... well we were over there a couple months ago, and she said, "I know you have back problems and my doctor perscribed these and I have never used them, Would you like to try them?" so I told her that my doctor had actually suggested them but she said they were extremely expensive, so I told her forget it because I could not afford them.... so I took the ones my sister in law had and tried them.....they did kinda take the edge off...kinda helped the stiffness in my back... sorta...... but by no means got rid of the pain... still had the horrible hip... buttocks....leg..... and foot pain.....I can honestly say, that if I had to pay for them to use them...... I would'nt...I will just stick with my meds.....but now I know atleast there are other uses for them. :bouncing:

Everyone have a good one....

TRose :angel:
Quiet Cook: I just spent hours reading about the lidoderm patches, who invented them, why, and that lead me to read about chronic pain. The patches were invented by a guy, out of love for his wife, who had shingles. They were meant to stop the pain from the shingles and the nerve endings right below the surface of the skin.

There is no evidence, no clincial trials, that I have found that proves or disproves, that the patches work for anything beyond the immediate area of the skin.

I was given the patches for SI dysfunction. The joint is way under the skin. But, I also have a few tumors underneath the skin. I thought that they may work for that so I did research. The lidocaine does not go in that far.

After much research of the studies that were done, the general concensus was that people given the placebo, patches without the medication, felt relief just because the patch stopped the shingles from coming in contact with irritating factors. I would assume that this meant clothing or sheets.

In order for Lidocaine to work on pain, it has to be administered in a shot form or into an open wound. Lidocaine does not have the ability to soak very far into the skin. The warnings on the Lidocaine/Lidoderm packages indicate that you should wash your hands and not touch your eyes after opening the package. It will numb the immediate area, but not any area under your skin. If it did, your fingers would go numb from handling them. I believe that there is another warning about not letting pets or small children around them due to the fact that they may eat them.

So, I went on to read abour CP, or chronic pain. It seems that the pain is psychological and doctors can fix what is wrong mechanically, but not with the brain synapases and the root of the pain, where the nerve endings send signals to the brain.

They have figured out how to put a bandaid on pain with opiates, but they are just beginning to learn about pain and what causes pain and not even close to learning how to stop pain. If you think about it, it all makes sense.

My husband had pain in his neck. A nerve was damaged from two herniated discs. They went in and did a two level fusion. For a while the pain was gone. It has since returned even though he has no physical reason for it. He is now considered to be a chronic pain victim. If he takes the route of opiates, it causes heart problems, liver problems, etc. Or, he can learn to live with the pain. He opted for door number two.

I, on the other hand, don't get door number one, to even start out with. Opiates don't work for me. The CP is slowly grinding me down, so I am out there looking for door number three, whatever that may be.

If you look at the human body as one big, huge, set of electrical impulses and a chemical soup, the same as a car's wiring, engine, and the spark plugs, we are basically the same. If someone puts sugar in your gas tank, the car stops. That is one of the componets of pain, the chemistry is off for some reason. The nerves are the wires and they transmit the signals to the brain, which in turn releases chemicals that send out little mechanics to fix the problem. Somehow, with pain, the mechanics are either not gettting the blue print correct, or can't read the blue print, or the wires are crossed.

So, with the patches, they only release chemicals into the skin, not the muscles, ligaments, discs, or any nerves past the nerve endings in your skin.

Look at when you go to the dentist for instance. He rubs lidocaine into your gums and then uses a needle to put it into your gums and to deaden your tooth nerves. No amount of rubbing lidocaine onto the gums is going to deaden the tooth nerve. It has to be done with a needle.

The explaination that the guy gives who invented this stuff is really simple reading. That pharmacuetical companies and their reps are telling people that it works for back pain is a misnomer. It only works on the back pain that is caused by shingles and its residual effects.

Snake oil. Modern day. Making a lot of pharmacies rich, and a guy named Hind.

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