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[QUOTE=the33rdczarina]Sleeping on your back or side doesn't matter as long as you do it properly. It's up to your comfort. You always want to make sure your spine is in proper alighment. I am sorry you are in so much pain. I had a herniation at L5/S1 with sciatica and recently had surgery and it helped completely. Since you have 2 herniations, surgery might be the best option for you depending on your pain tolerance level througout the day and how long you suffered. I am 21 and suffered for only 6 months but it was that bad that I opted for surgery. Some people have suffered for years like my mother without any surgery. You really need to ask yourself if you can live with the pain or not. The longer a sciatic nerve is pressed, the more chance of permanent nerve damage. I don't meant to scare you but treating this sooner rather than later gives you the best chance of full recovery. Hope all goes well.[/QUOTE]


First welcome to the board... I am glad your surgery helped you to have complete relief from your pain... unfortunately some of us are not that lucky...such as myself.......

I had a 9 mm herniation at L5-S1 pressing on the S1 nerve root... had Surgery back in June 04... was pain free for 2 weeks, my pain came back completely... times 10... and now I have it on my left side as well as my right....My pain is extremely bad on a daily basis ...On a daily basis my pain is a 10 plus... and especially when I get up of the morning... I sleep flat on my back, that is the only way I get relief... and I wake throughout the night with my legs and such..

I have been dealing with this for over a year now, before my surgery I had the pain and such for about 8-9 months prior to surgery...Have the lower back, hip, buttocks, leg, calf, and foot pain......both sides....due to nerve damage of the S1 nerve root....have had the ESI's.... MRI's....Myelogram/CT Scan.....EMG/NCV....Nerve Block.....You name it I have had it....And so far have found nothing that helps....My pain meds might take my pain from a 10 plus to a 8-9.... but some days even with the meds its a not much relief....


Do you take any medication at night to help you sleep..... I take my Methadone for pain.... and also take muscle relaxers-Zanaflex... and also ProSom to help me sleep... it helps, but I do wake several times throughout the night....but I can totally relate to your pain at waking... Do you have the severe foot pain? My feet hurt so badly when I get up to walk that I can barely stand for my feet to touch the floor....I had to take steps slowly... and get my forward momentum.... before I can go far......So you arent alone in this...Hopefully the ESI will help you pain.... As they did not help my pain at all... but hopefully they will help yours...Will keep my fingers crossed for you...Keep us informed as to your progress...

Good Luck to you..


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