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Hi i'm new to this board and was just told from a mri i have 2 herniated disks
L4 and L5 s1 and the heating pad is not working for me anymore at all hot showers seem to help some but its difficult to sit

I am thinking of either a above ground pool thats 4 foot deep with a heater attached or a jacuzzi for the bathroom
does anyone know which would be better suited for lower back pain and would help relax me better

either the pool with no swirling water or the jacuzzi with the swirling water

thanks for any comments
will be back later today

seatrout :confused:
Hi Sea Trout

Welcome to our circle of friends :wave:

I absolutely get relief from any moist heat. I don't know if there's a better benefit from one or the other. I personally would rather on a daily basis have the extra heat you get from the temp of the jacuzzi water, but now that I am enjoying some help from Aqua Therapy at the gym, I am understanding how helpful it can be in the pool.
We were thinking seriously of getting a pool but are now leaning towards the hot tub. Hard choice ~ I think both can be beneficial :cool:
The reason for the heat is to promote circulation and either one is OK. I kinda like the idea of the jacuzzi--the massaging effect might help!!!
I have been dealing with an SI problem for a while now...and this is what I was told not sit in any "hot tub" or "jacuzzi" with hot water...or even warm water.....

My doctor told me to do my walking and then jump in a cool pool.......the idea is to cut down on the inflammation......I have a hot tub that I have had for about 9 years......I know for sure that it helps muscular tension....but you can do little else but sit there....if I had to do over again, I would have gotten a pool....for my type of problem, not only the coolness of the pool would have helped but the exercise benefits would have been well worth it.....

the other thought is that if you use a hot tub.....don't turn the temps up...keep them at a cool level....of course you couldn't use it in the winter.....but unless your pool was heated, you couldn't use that is a dilemma because no two doctors agree on anything....but I have noticed that things seem to stay better when I stay away from heat...... :wave:
Hi...Seatrout... as BW said... Welcome to our circle...Glad you could join us..

We are getting one of those soft side pools one of the above ground ones that is I think 14 feet across... and 4 1/2 feet deep.... we only paid like $129.00 for it... put it on layaway at one of the big discount stores in our area...I am very much looking forward to getting it.. as it is starting to get very hot here... already been in the upper 90's during the day....and I am sure the cool water and the exercise in the pool will help some...

Take Care All...

TRose :angel:
Hi Thanks all for giving me your opinions

the jacuzzi/whirlpool tub i was thinking of would go in the bathroom so it can be used all year round...
the pool i was thinking about would be one of those soft side ones

it stays like in the 90's :) here from march to sept or oct usually in deep deep south texas and i think you can add a heater to one?? but not sure??

i like the exercise part and know i cant get that with a jacuzzi or hottub or whirlpool either

i'm just having a BIG DILEMA is all.....then I have to deal with hubby complaining about the cost as well... :(
It's confusing. Personally, when my muscles ache the hot tub feels heavenly. But when my nerve is acting up, the ice pack works better. Asked the doctor about using a hot tub and he said it was fine for the muscles but not the nerve and of course, have both problems so what is a person to do?
For me, it felt great (heat either in a pad or water) but once I left the warmth, all the pain and tension would return. I had DDD in the two lowest discs and had a fusion of both levels in December. I am doing great, but now have to deal with my neck, and I have yet to find a great way to apply heat there comfortably. I wonder if there is any way for you to "trial" a jacuzzi. Compare the two as well. One you get bubbles, easier seating and constant heat, the other, jacuzzi, is in the privacy of your home but when the jets get going the water will cool down. What about a hot tub? To me, that is the best option if you have the money and space. That is one thing my husband and I def want when we get our own home again (long story).
That is my input, I hope you find something that works well for you!
Oh well, it's me know what I would try to do...I would try to find a way to get both....they both do two different jobs....

My dr has been stressing every time I see him that I need the cool of a pool in order to fight inflammation....he is getting me thinking that I am ignoring my problem for not finding a cold pool to jump's not that easy for someone who cannot just jump up and join a health club or install a pool....

I am going to re-join my gym just to stand like a doe doe bird in the, needless to say, if I had the opportunity to get one I would.....

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