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am 51 years old woman and have always suffered from back pain. I have sciatica which is awful in itself and a curved spine which chiropractor says is only 25 degrees. i have a lump on the left side of my back under my ribs (this is what it feels like anyway). it is the size of a grapefruit. it is about 4 inches from my waist. the chiro says it is a muscle spasm, but it never goes away. my left leg is constantly numb and tingly and the right is a little numb. my ribs in the front on the left are 2 inches lower than the right. my hips always feel like they are going out. i guess the reason i am asking is i have NO INSURANCE and trying to decide if i need to go to an Orthopaedic dr. or back to the chiro.
this is an awful situation to be in and the pain is awful. i am so stiff and feel bruised to the bone always.
i feel bad asking because some of you are in terrible shape, but i work full time and i don't know how much more pain i can take before i can do it no more. it also hurts to stand for even 30 minutes.
thanks so much

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