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Thank you Mary.

Yes today in addition to the burning and sensitivity I have been also having tingling and shooting pains in my feet, mainly my right foot. When I bend forward just a little bit, it shoots all the way down my leg and into my foot.

This neuro is really tickin me off. I thought he was good, has 17 yrs in his field and came from New York. I figured he would know what he is doing. But he can't get the concept when I am talking about my skin and not the muscles or whatever. He has never mentioned physical therapy and when I asked when we would do an MRI to see if it's fusing, he said "oh we don't do that, we know if it's fusing if your pain goes away". Ugggg!!!! I'm sure I've read on here where you all have had follow up MRIs to tell if it's fusing or not. If I'm wrong let me know please anyone.

The timing of this is kinda strange too. Just over a week ago I saw my family doctor and he had me get up on the table and lay on my back, then he bent my knees all the way up to my chest and then kind of rocked my legs to where my knees where closer and further from my chest, you know, in a rocking motion. Should this have been done after having a two level fusion surgery????? About the timing, it's been about just over a week when this all started with my foot/feet. I'm wondering if he could have screwed me up by doing that????

Anyway I'm calling my neuro first thing in the morning and demand to see him, or I'll go to the emergency room and they can call him or another specialist in or something. I can't deal with it anymore, it's too much pain.

Thanks all!! Anymore input from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!!

Just my two cents but sounds like in your legs and feet the burning may be Hyperpathia. I got it after my L5-s1 fusion also, it burned like crazy and over sensitive. I reported it to my NS and he told me that it was Hyperpathia and tried to put me on Neurontin. I could not tolerate the med and just put up with it and finally its almost gone it took about a month or so but it did go away. If you can I suggest taking 800mg Ibuprophen and eat plenty of bananas for the potasium and a multivitamin or vitamin B. I also have Cauda Equina syndrome from an earlier spinal cord injury to the same level a year ago which has left me numb in my saddle area and the skin on the back of my left leg all the way down to my left foot and it has been numb for the whole time and is not suppose to get better so says my NS. I also suffer from electric type shocks in my groin area and around left heel which at the moment sends me to the moon. Your NS will most likely prescribe Neurontin or Topomax or something of that nature if you can't tolerate it. So I understand what youre going through, the numb skin and shocks are no fun. It sounds hopeful that some of your feeling has come back in some areas so that is great just hang in there. Hope all gets better for you. Stephanie
I know what your suffering from because I have it too. It's called Neuropathy. It has different causes. I feel your GP should have caught it. Your symptoms are right on target. The burning of the feet and the leg problems. I doubt if you'll get over it. I haven't. I do take Neurontin for it and it helps. They can do an EMG test and I'm not sure if there's anymore tests for it. I wish you the best and hope you don't have to live with this. Good Luck

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