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Hey Guys :wave: ,
Long Time no see. I am doing great, other than 11 days ago and continously getting worse day by day. I have a pinched nerve that is more painful than the original surgery.
It is the Sciatica Nerve.

The pain is constant, sorta feels like a rope inside my back & Leg that NEVER goes away.
I can't sit, my left buttock-in the middle is extremely painful. it runs down the back of my leg and then to the knee, it goes to the side a bit and down under my left foot.
My left lower leg and foot are going numb now.

My Surgeon wants to see me early Tuesday morning.
My Posterior Surgical site appears swollen to me, however he said it was only the fat above it, now begininning to hang downward. I am not over weight and this was never there before.

Tonight it felt different to me, as I touched it, I noticed a bulge about an inch above the scar where I can feel hardware, I never noticed it there before and when I touched it, my left foot got all tingly.

Today has been the worst day of them all. I went and took a shower tonight after all company had gone home, but when I turned around to look in the mirror at it, it is swollen larger than ever and the Posterior scar is a bright red. It's never been this color before, not to mention the redness is spreading outwards from the scar.

I have not done anything to aggravate it. I haven't picked up my Grandkids, Nothing. Not even cleaned the house.
I try to soak in a Hot bath, but then can barely get out of the tub. I still do my stretches like he asked me too, no matter how painful they get.

He called me in some 10mg Lortab's, which I have to take 1 1/2 of them, just to get any relief.
I have never had this before, so I would like as many opinions as possible on this.

[U]I don't want another surgery. So my questions are: Can he do a Nerve Block on that nerve? or is Surgery the best way to unpinch it? Is there any other options? If he does do a Nerve Block will I know in the future if there is a problem before it gets out of hand? or even becomes permanent?[/U]

He can't do a leg lift on me, due to pain on the right side and me crying like a baby by the time he does the test on the left leg.

2 weeks ago, I had an injection in my left hip and it worked great, so my hip doesn't hurt, but everything else does. As I was leaving his office, my left leg went out from under me and I was hopping on my right foot to keep my balance. His nurse asked me about it, but I told her I didn't know what was going on, but as I looked over her shoulder I noticed my Surgeon stopped cold in his tracks and was staring at my left foot. (he doesn't know I saw him).

Anyone know what is going on and what is the best thing to do about it? I don't have any other problems, once this is fixed, I am home free and pain free.
Thank You,
I am so sorry to hear that this is happening to you.

Sciatica is a tough booger to handle. They can't deaden the nerve, it is a main one.

I would demand new tests, right away.

I was reading about Sciatica just today. It is one of the side effects of some back surgeries. Some people develop hip pain, some SIJ pain and some sciatica.

The docs know how to go in and remove discs, put in hardware, and to shore ya up but they have not quite figured out yet how to cure the pain.

Some are lucky and the pain subsides with surgery. I was pulling for you.

At what level is your hardware? Is it above or below the sciatic nerve? Has the doctor confirmed sciatica?

Do you think that you might have an infection that is inflammed and then pushing on the nerve?

If you can just get the inflammation down, that might do the trick.

Have you looked at a nerve chart to see if that is the nerve involved?

Why did they say that you had pain in your hip? Was it residuals from the surgery?

I would be in his office first thing in the morning, asking for answers.

And, hopping on one foot, after surgery, not a good thing. Ask for help or a cane or a wheel chair when that happens, okay? :)
HI Betty,
Yes, It is the Sciatica Nerve. Yes, I had hip problems after both surgeries, but he said it was Bursitis "ya right" and gave me an injection, both times the injection worked and it never returned.
My back is not hot or even warm.
The original Fusion & TLIF was the S1 & L5 in February. He had to go back in and remove all hardware on the left side almost 5 weeks ago and replace it due to severe pain. He found a piece of bone in the sciatica nerve and removed it, then says he put the original hardware back in, and the screws in a different place. Just barely above the nerve. I've seen the xrays and what is in there, tomorrow morning I want to look at them together and see if it "Slipped backwards again".
Yes it was confirmed.
I don't think it is inflammed, but maybe he should test for that.
I AM going to tell him that I have to get my walker back out and I WILL NOT live like this. Since he is an Ortho & Neurosurgeon both, he should be able to figure it out.
So far, he has figured out every problem I ever had and fixed it.
But as you said: That is the main nerve.
I had a bad feeling that was something that couldn't be treated with a Nerve block.
Knowing how he works, he might do a couple injections in the lumbar area and see if that helps there as well, before he continues with anything else; possible more surgery?, God, I hope not!
Since I fired PM, he handles everything himself.
I AM SICK OF PAIN MEDS. And I know alot of you guys feel the same way.
"Fix it & trash the drugs" Sounds like a plan to me.
God, I hope he has good news tomorrow, but I can almost quarentee he will want to try injections first.
I know there is a test out there that using Xray and a dye to show the pinched nerve. I want it done.
Also if you recall, I had a 50/50 chance of the L4 not getting any worse so he didn't fuse it. Maybe he needs to check on that, it might be the one pushing on that nerve.

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