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Hi Holly,

Im sorry to hear about your chronic pain an suffering. Because your situation is such a chronic medical dianosis it is probably hard for someone to help you here online .

The only things I can suggest are some holistic approaches such as accupunture, hypnosis, meditation, aroma therapy, or has your doctor tried "this is not holistic" the cortizone injections for pain relief .....I have a few friends whom it helped for months for back an neck injuries but your medical dx may differ?

does your doctor have you in any therapeutic "physical therapy"?
Jacuzzi and massages with aromatic oils and herbs or have you read up on any crystals and healing for pain relief???....possibly a chiropractic doctor could assist for proper techniques an even more outlets to help you be in more comfort ? Again you should always consult with your primary doctor first who knows your condition best.

has your doctor mentioned about possibly applying heat/cold alternate or any antinflamatory meds help in the past: your doctor can only determine this with your input to treatments outcomes and has he referred you to a pain clinic?

Depression is common with your symptoms constantly annoying you has your doctor allowed any meds like a anti depressant for or a holistic approach like Therapy with a Therapist who can help you w/o medicine if that is the option your doctor an you feel is best for the depression ?

lastly if you feel your not getting the adequete attention or help needed I always get a second opinion..good luck hope you feel better soon.

Hope I was Of some help

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