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Went to the Neuro today for EMG results. Emg was normal, but does not mean there is not a pinched or trapped nerve. He can't explain why I am having these problems, so, now I need to see an Ortopaedic Dr. for hip bursitis?!!! :eek: Also said to have facet injections at both L5 S-1 and L4-5. They will relieve the inflamation(what inflamation?). He also took me out of work for at least 6 weeks. :confused:. He also suggested changing my lifestyle...I totally LOST it with him and cried like a baby! I have changed my lifestyle...I have NO LIFE at all. I can't do anything I used to. He then says to change jobs...I screamed at him...I work in a car dealership...what job is easier than that? I can't bend or lift anything for 6 weeks. Get real Doc!!!

Don't know how much more of the BS I can take...I want my life back...with no that asking for too much? The lies the Dr.'s tell you are far worse than the pain.

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