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The Surgery was a minumlly Invasive one, I only have 2 tiny marks on my back, one on each side of the spine. The Surgery for my back was a complete success. I have not had any back pain like I did before the surgery. However after removing the piece of bone from the nerve is when all the pain got bad. It's not in the surgery area. It's in the upper left hip/back area, throught the middle of the left buttock and down the leg.
I called this afternoon and requested a EMG & Nerve Volosity Test. I have never had one before and only heard about these on this site. However my Doctor did not call me back today. I have an appt with my Family Doc in the morning and will ask him to order the tests. I think it might help pinpoint the problem. I hope.
Hi Guy's :wave: ,
I heard from my New PM :bouncing: and he will see me next Tuesday and either do the EMG & NVS then or make a seperate appt for that and I will get the results immediatly. However my left hip is severely inflammed again, so I told him of how my Surgeon just rush's and jabs my hip quickly injects the meds that burn like fire and leaves for his next patient. I have to hold my mouth to keep from cussing him (if ya know what I mean).
Anyway, he said, HE will do the next injection in my hip and continue my care for PM from now on. He thinks it is strange that the Surgeon said I have Bursitis in my left hip, but I never had it before...not until after my fusion ( no bone was taken for the fusion, He used a cage w/ sponge & BMP). It's so painful I can barely walk, and when I DO try to walk I have to hold onto my hip/upper leg.
I am hoping I got lucky with this guy, He sounds like a caring PM and I hope he really is, when I finally get to meet him next week.
I am so TIRED of being in PAIN all the time :( . This morning I didn't even get out of bed until 2pm and I have NO INTENTIONS of getting dressed today :rolleyes: . Why bother? I have nothing else planned for the day, besides we are in the middle of a heat wave(112 degree's in the sun and ordered to stay indoors).
Yep, Guess it's one of those days.
[U]Got a personal question, so if ya don't wanna know then stop reading.....*K*[/U] What does everyone do about sex? Hubby has been so sweet not expecting anything from me, knowing how much pain I am in. But we both have needs. I don't know about you guys, but I am sick of being on pain killers and when we have sex and I don't get anything out of it, but can't stand the pain if I DON'T take anything. Is there a Happy Medium somewhere ;) ?
StarDust :cool:
Thanks Pooby,
I forgot to mention that one. I haven't been able to vacuum for 6 months now.

Tomorrow Morning is the big day, I go to the Hospital for the Selective nerve Root Block of the S1 & L5 And he will discuss with me the injection in the hip to take down the Swelling & inflammation as well. He's been out of the country so he doesn't even know about the pinched nerve yet. But he said he will talk to me in the Procedure room about everything he has missed up to date.
I [B]DO[/B] get the IV Sedation with Versed, THANK GOD!!
I'll let you know if it helps.

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