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[B]NSMATCH[/B] I have already had a Spinal Fusion of the S1 & L5 the 2nd of February, but he had to go back in on May 4th because of severe pain and it got to where I could no longer walk. He found a piece of bone stuck into the Sciatic Nerve and removed it. I was doing great and then it all began again. He has done everything he knows to do and is almost to the point of giving up. From what I feel, it's like a pinched nerve, but I can't seem to get him to do the test where a dye shows the nerves and find out.
[B]jdlfmc[/B] I have been on Topamax twice before and within the first few weeks everything tasted really bad and my feet were tingling (which was fine), but at 3 months the tingleing turned to severe foot pain and I had to be taken off of it. The last time I was on it was last summer. I hope it works, but I cna't help but be doubtful. What is an SCS and how did you find out your Nerve pain was permanent? I am going to fight this with everything I've got before things get worse. If he gives up, I'll find someone else. My pain seems to be coming from the S1 & L5 area where the surgery was and then to my hip, down the middle of my left butt cheek and down my left leg to my foot. I am no longer able to take my Lortabs, they began causing severe nausea & vomiting.
[B]RiteofSpring[/B] I asked him about Methadone and he said it is only to be used in Mental Health Hospitals for withdrawal, so from the way he talked, that was a big fat no. It sounds good though, I would love to be able to even do just HALF of what I used to do. He thinks in another 6 months the Nerve should calm down and the pain should stop. BUt my gut feeling still tells me the nerve is pinched, I just wish I could get him to order the test to prove it.
[B]rsrush[/B] Thank You, Since this is my 3rd try with the Topamax, it will aslo be my last. He HAS to find out what is going on before it's too late. I really don't think asking him to order the Nerve test was asking too much.

I really don't know what else to do. He believes the patient should have a say in thier treatment and yet he won't check to see if the nerve is pinched. I didn't even get a return appt this time, he just said his scheduler will call me in about 5 weeks to see if I need another Selective Nerve Root Block.
Thank You Linda.

For a recap, I had a Spinal Fusion on Feb 2nd this year on the S1 & L5. I did great with no problems, but as I walked farther & farther my left leg had gotten so painful that within a short time I could no longer walk on it. The Surgeon went back in, removed the hardware and found a small piece of bone stuck in the sciatic nerve (this was on May 4th this year). He removed the bone and replaced the hardware. Ever since then the Nerve has been P****d off.

He never returned my phone call asking for an EMG to verify there is no pinched nerve. So I went to my Fam Doc, he gave me Demerol for the pain and just happened to allow a Doctor from the "Florida Spine Care Institute & Sports & Pain Center" to share his office here. He is from Orange Park.
So My Fam Doc put in the request for me to get the EMG done and possibly stay with them for Pain Management. My new PM said yes, he would Love to have me as a new patient.

As for the pain, My Back is doing wonderful, no more pain there. But on my left side, my upper hip they said is larger and swollen more than the right side since the surgery, it is also warmer with inflammation and when he touched both legs equally today, I could only feel the right side (I never noticed that before), he measured my leg near the knee and watched me walk.

The pain goes from above the left Buttock down through the middle & outer side of the Buttock & down the left leg and radiates down to my foot. It never goes away and never gets better, even feels weak most of the time and is extremely painful getting in and out of my car or just sitting and watching TV , I can't turn over in bed without getting up on my elbows and almost sitting straight up to change positions (not that it helps, cause I can't sleep anyway).

I am not able to even pick up an empty clothes basket. But the Surgeon wanted me to wait until November or December and see if it gets better, but there are so many horrible stories on here about permanent pain, I refuse to be one of them if I can help it, That's why I found another Doctor to order the EMG test.

As for the Massage Therapy, She is one of his specialists who ONLY does the Massage for his patients. He said it is very important. I've never had it done before.

And on a lighter side, never pass up something you see on the side of the road no matter how embarressing it might be. The reason I say this, is because on our way to our youngest daughters for dinner, there was a treadmil on the side of the road. Hubby said I was stupid and it probably didn't work, I said I could at least ask. The gentleman who answered the door was in his 80's and said a family member gave it too him and he refuses to use it and never plugged it in, I figure, if it doesn't work I can put out for the trash.

He helped us get it into the van and since it folds up and locks we just had to grab the handle and tilt it and it was on wheels. We got it in the house, plugged it in and nothing, nada. So I checked it over and it said "on & off" but nothing was there. No button or anything.
I got online and looked it up, it's a $599.00 Treadmil with a red button to place your thumb and it reads your heart rate, has a tray for something and also a cup holder and it inclines as well.

I called the company and the only thing missing is a plastic key card to turn it on (this thing is brand new), so they are sending me the key for FREE!
Same way I got my Excersize Bike.
This find was worth any embarressment.

Since I am flying to Montana for the Month of August, I want to get up to walking 3-5 miles a day. The Grandkids can't touch it, as it has safety features, and it locks up or down into place.
Just wanted to mention this, since the only reason it was being thown out, was the guy had Heart Surgery and was too proud to use it. But I'm not.
Now the shock has worn off (I never really expected the nerve to be pinched), My PM had me go in today for TENS, Massage Therapy, Gentle Muscle Stretching & then Iced it.
They said since my left hip & thigh, down to my knee has no feeling at all, not even when he put the needle there for the EMG and my left hip is 3X the size of my right one, he is going to get the Swelling down & Inflammation to go away. Get things back to as normal as possible, then request the Surgeon to take care of the Pinched Nerve.
He put me on 25mcg Fentanyl Patches, I haven't tried them yet, gotta get the money to pick them up from the Pharmacy.
So I am dealing with this the best as I can for now.
I've never felt so much pain in my entire life!
Hubby gave me one of his canes, since I can't even stand on my own, sitting is just as bad.
But sounds like he's on the right track. Nobody in his office could read his writing as I was getting mixed orders. I finally called and talked to his PA, she read the order and explained all this to me.
He CAN'T massage out the Pinched Nerve. They told me wrong. He is just trying to get the swelling & inflammation to go away.
Also to continue walking a mile a day on the treadmill, However he looked at me funny when I told him, the numbness is spreading faster when I walk my mile on the treadmill.
I think when the swelling is gone we will find out more about how bad the Nerve is Pinched.
I'm sorry to hear about your leg. I hope the Neurosurgeon can do something, anything!
Since this is such a cycle, I am getting a better idea of what is happening, just from what you said.
After the Fusion on February 2nd, My left hip & thigh swelled so bad I couldn't walk. My Doc told me I had Bursitis and did an injection in his office that worked great, burned really bad, but worked anyway.
It always bothered me since I never had Bursitis BEFORE the fusion. Then when I could no longer walk, he went back in on May 4th and found a piece of bone stuck in the Sciatic Nerve, he removed it and replaced the hardware for the fusion. Again- Bursitis, and another injection.
I never believed that.
So when I insisted on this EMG to check for a pinched nerve, he never returned my calls and had previously told me there was no way it could be a pinched nerve. That's when I sought out my Family Doc & had HIM order it. I think I was in total Shock to realize I was right all along.
But where does it go from here?
Once PM gets the Inflammation & Swelling down, do they have the Surgeon fix the Nerve? Or is it possible to really get better on it's own if it doesn't have all the swelling compressing it?
Personally I can't see any end in site because everytime I think it is beginning to get better, it all starts all over again.
I've been looking into Information on a Laminectomy and see if maybe he should take just a tiny pinch of bone off to let the Nerve Breathe and Heal.
Does this make any sense?
Thanks Pooby,
I forgot to mention that one. I haven't been able to vacuum for 6 months now.

Tomorrow Morning is the big day, I go to the Hospital for the Selective nerve Root Block of the S1 & L5 And he will discuss with me the injection in the hip to take down the Swelling & inflammation as well. He's been out of the country so he doesn't even know about the pinched nerve yet. But he said he will talk to me in the Procedure room about everything he has missed up to date.
I [B]DO[/B] get the IV Sedation with Versed, THANK GOD!!
I'll let you know if it helps.

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