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GOOD LUCK with PIP! I'm still fighting them to fix my back! Just had my secong IME today! What a joke! MY MRI from a year ago shows a visable tear (HIZ) on it and the first IME guy said I was at MMI! This is with a positvie EMG and MRI! Had a disogram done through my health insurance as I have been fighting for 8 months to get one and it is positive for 2 tears at two levels and hernations! I won't know the out come of this IME but I am glad I had the disogram done because I am postive he would of said I was at MMI and thats it! Once I pointed out I had the diso done and he saw the results of how bad my disc's are his story changed a little! He did try to say he needed "more info" from PM but after he looked at the films again and I pointed out the tear at L3/L4 was visable on the MRI over a year his attitude changed, because there is nothing he can deny without getting himself into trouble! Can't wait to see the results of this one, tho!

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